Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Please

Ok its been forever since I have updated this blog of mine,we have been so busy this last season. Well Greg and I celbrated our 5th anaversery on a cruise to Jamica and the caymon islands and I don't have any pictures of that just memories because I lost our camera on the very last day in Miami. Must have been having to much fun. Navy Turned 1 March 30th I have pictures to come soon. We have been sick sick and sick of being sick. It seems this year we have been the sickest we have ever been. Our whole family. Well I put some pictures of Tulips because they are my favorite flower and because Its not looking like spring here in North Dakota. We still have snow and its still cold. I am wishful thinking that spring will be here sooner then later. I will try to be better and posting more often. I miss my blog. Well I hope everyone is gearing up for spring like I am. I can't wait to see new life and new colors....

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  1. you're family pictures are ADORABLE! I sure hope spring starts coming your way soon.. good weather seems to make everything else Better!