Monday, June 8, 2009

Just me and my blog

Well its about nine o clock and I am blogging in beautiful silence. Bailee is getting her beauty rest for the night and for my husband he is passed out on my couch still in his work clothes, beat from a hard days work. Not much has been happening in good old Williston ND. It doesn't feel like summer yet though. If were lucky we get one 75 degree day a week. Its been rainy most of last week and the weekend. So anybody reading this , if summer is where you are please please here me send summer to me won't you. I just want to be outside with Bailee playing the day away just like I was last year In Boise. We will be going back to Idaho in July for two weeks. It will be so nice to take a vacation.
Bailee got a new wagon from her Me Me ( who is my momma) She sent in the mail and we put it together. She just loves it. We go everywhere in it. ( when the weather is up to par) She can put her babies in it and our new dog Souli. Souli won't stay in it though he just wants to jump out unless boo is holding him. She also thinks its her car when its in the house and she gets dressed up in her sunglasses little girl high hills and her purse. She says momma I am going to wal-mart be back in two minutes. Little girls are so fun. She was doing my hair last night and I asked her Bailee what do you want to do when you grow up and she said "comb the rats out of girls hair" and then I said who are you going to marry and she said " I am going to marry my daddy" PRICELESS OK.. Greg and I for sure want another very soon so hopefully in AUG we might have a surprise. We have to plan this one because its so cold here in the winter that I do not do not want to have a newborn in - 30 degree weather, much rather get prego in August and have a baby in May or June. Well that's about it. Pretty long blog I know.

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