Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Summer Vacation...

Well Its been a long fun Vacation to Idaho. We been here for about three weeks now and going home in a couple of days. We seen pretty much all of our family. We went to Boise to see my mom for about a week. Miss it there very much but whats a girl got to do. We had a blast swimming in my moms pool in the hot hot sun. Bailee had a blast just being with her "me me" that's what Bailee calls my mom. We just love all of our family so much and miss them when we go back to North Dakota. Bailee is so in love with her grandparents especially the grandmas. She just thinks they are pretty cool ladies. I am so happy that Bailee has met most of her Great Grandparents. I had the privilege to meet the newest member of the Hymas family. My little baby niece Mkayla. Who is the sweetest little thing ever. Its been wonderful. I have a few pictures right now and will post the rest of them when I get home.

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  1. Great pictures! We loved seeing you guys during your vacation. Bailee is adorable. Love your family pictures. Glad that you guys are so happy, family is so important! Take care!