Sunday, August 16, 2009

SICK SICK and the color pink even makes me SICKER.

So I totally thought I would be great this pregnancy, but lately I have been feeling nothing but sick sick and more sick. I felt great with Bailee the only thing that bugged me about her was lots of smells got to me but this time everything makes me sick to the color pink to the sight of a banana split. I get so nauseated that I don't even throw up and I wish I could most of the time thinking it might just make me feel better. But no I just lay there feeling yucky about every hour it comes back. I just eat cuz I know I have to because it might make me feel better I hope or I get sicker and for the sake of my health. I crave things one minute and the next the thing I am craving makes me sick to my stomach. So this time around its pretty much kicking my butt. I feel so bad because I am such an up beat person, loves to have fun with friends and my hubby but I am just a Debbie downer. Well I am getting closer to twelve weeks which they say its gets better after that. oh please I hope so. I am such a clean freak about my house and all I want to do is lay down. Then I look around and gets so stressed. This whole thing is teaching me a lot. Teaching me to slow down I don't always have to be moving and playing with Bailee all the time. Greg has just been a prince. He is so sensitve and has been helping me out a lot. Cleaning, cooking, playing with Bailee, and just being so sensitive to my feelings. I couldn't ask for a better Husband. If anyone has any suggestions on this sad sad story of mine I would love them. I know it will get better. I would rather be huge and pregnant then sick and pregnant. YUCK..

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  1. Oh honey, I know what you're going through. The doctor told me to take a vitamin B6 and half a unisom tablet, and it helped. With this pregnancy I was so tired and had the worst heartburn at the beginning with this pregnancy, and the cleaning just had to wait, as much as I hated it! But it will get better. I feel so good right now, so hang in there!!!