Saturday, September 12, 2009

labor day weekend

Well we had a great LABOR DAY WEEKEND. We went camping for our first time this year, just the three of us well and our dog. CAMPING in North Dakota is a lot different then in Idaho. you can pretty much camp anywhere in Idaho. There is lots of flat land here so its hard to find a place with trees and stuff. We found a pretty good spot though. There were lots of campers around us but it was so fun. They place had clean bathrooms and showers close by and a park for the kids to play at. Bailee had a great time she thought sleeping in the tent was pretty cool because it was pretty much like sleeping outside. We of course made yummy some mores and cooked a dinner on an OPEN FIRE. I love camp food. Bailee got a little wet with her dad. We took a walk down by the river and bailee was loving the little waves. Well that night it was THUNDERING and LIGHTNING a lot but I thought it was pretty cool. Bailee slept better then Greg and I. I told her it was heavenly father bowling so she wouldn't be scared. I hope we can go one more time before it gets cold. It sure was nice to get home though I slept so good that night in my clean big BED!!

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