Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumking carving time!!

Boo loves her little Pumpkin!
Our pumkins make over!!! Looking GOOD!!!
Greg cutting out our pumpkin lids.
He says he is growing a mullet..

Digging in and getting the guts out!! The fun part

Here are the pumpkins before

Its pumpkin carving time. Bailee has been waiting for along time to carve her pumpkin. She had fun getting all the "guts" out of it. She also thought it was pretty cool that her pumpkin was the little one just like her. I kind of forgot how to carve a pumpkin its been forever since I have done one. I hope it will be a new family tradition that we will have around Halloween. Speaking of Halloween I have no Idea what to be. I love dressing up last year I was a black cat and Bailee was a cute little witch. This year she will be Strawberry shortcake so I need something easy and not over the top. It snowed here over the weekend :( ... WE were pretty bummed it snowed before Halloween. Hopefully it will warm up a little by then but I don't think so. Its starting to get pretty cold here. I am so not ready for coats and gloves and all the winter gear. Well I do live in North Dakota so I better get used to it. I thought Idaho was cold and this was going to be nothing. Yeah right I was kidding myself. A regular day here in the winter is umm -20 to -30 on a good day its 0 so I just better get ready for it. Well I hope you like our amazing pumpkins I know we did!!!


  1. I like your amazing pumpkins ha I think they look way awesome!

  2. Hey!I didn't know you had a blog. Bailee is adorable and congratulations on your second too!