Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bailee is Strawberry Shortcake

My belly Bump.. almost 18 weeks.... I will get a
Better one, when Greg can take the picture.

All the kids at play group. They all looked so cute.
what a fun day!!!

My little Strawberry Shortcake, she sure liked
putting on the make-up.

Today we went to a Halloween Party at our play group. Bailee was Strawberry Shortcake. She looked so cute it fits her to a T. I will post more pics of Halloween later when Halloween actually comes. This week so far we have been busy with all sorts of fun, Tomorrow Bailee has a Halloween Party at her pre-school. I am sure all the kids will look adorable. She has been able to wear her costume lots so far. We had a Halloween at story time at the library on Wednesday we go to that every week usually so it was fun to see the kids in their costumes. Pregnancy has been going good so far. We find out in a week what little baby Hymas will be. I knew Bailee was a girl even before we found out. I just had a feeling that she was a girl for some odd reason. This time around I really have no Idea at all. A boy would be fun and Greg would love a boy, but if its a girl I will be so happy too. Girls are so much fun and I can't imagine my life with out a girl right now. Bailee is so cute when she plays with her dolls, and plays house. She loves to color for hours. I look at little baby girl things and they are so cute. So either way I will be happy. My Mom is coming to see me in one week I am so excited for her to come. She hasn't been here to see me yet so I can't wait to show her all I do on a daily basis with Bailee and my friends. I will post more pictures later of Bailee and our big Halloween later. I hope everyone has FUN Halloween!

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  1. Cute pictures! Bailee is adorable as Strawberry Shortcake. I like your baby bump picture, but where is the bump? You are looking great! Let us know if baby is a boy or girl. Just remember we get what we get and we don't throw a fit, even when it comes to babies! Either way, your baby will be yours and the cutest ever!