Friday, November 6, 2009

precious moments

Well every time I see my husband doing something sweet with my daughter I think I fall in love all over again and again. We read to Bailee every night before she goes to bed. We let her pick out two books and after that its sleepy time. Well Greg has been working a lot so when he comes home he likes to read to Bailee and put her to bed and its great for me too because I get a little break between that time. Well with this time change Bailee wasn't used to it at all she wanted to go to bed at six. I tried keeping her up as long as I could. Well on this night Bailee fell asleep before the book was over and this never happens. I just got done cleaning up dinner and I wanted to join in on the book reading. I go into boo's room and Greg is still reading and Bailee is fast asleep on her daddy's shoulder. He didn't even know. It was the Sweetest thing EVER!!! Moments like these I just have Cherish because soon my little girl will be big and won't want us to read books to her. It feels like yesterday that she was my little baby and I was rocking her to sleep. I am so glad I got to capture it on camera.

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  1. Picture Perfect!!! Such a sweet moment between father and daughter, what a great dad you are Greg!