Sunday, November 15, 2009

Were Having a GIRL!!!

Well I had my ultrasound last week and we found out were having a girl. I have to admit I was a bit bummed at first because I wanted a boy but after a few hours of thinking I was really excited and still am. I can so see myself with two little girls and I love all the little girls stuff they have. Greg is amazing with Bailee and is so sensitive and even though bailee is a girl he loves to play sports with her and teach all the guy stuff too. He just got her first pair of hockey skates. Hockey is very big in North Dakota and all the young people play. They have a high school and junior high team and that includes boys and girls. They have hockey for little kids too. So I guess he is starting her out early. My mom came to visit for a week and she was able to be here for my ultrasound. We went out and bought the baby a few clothes already and that was a lot of fun. We starting to think of girl names now. I can't wait to meet our new member of our family and Bailee to have a sister.

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