Sunday, November 15, 2009

A nice visit

My mom came and stayed with us for a week this week. It was so nice to have her. She has never been here to see us so it was very exciting to show her what we do everyday. She was an amazing help while she was her. She cooked for us and cleaned up dinner, did laundry,and most important she played with Bailee Boo. Bailee always had a friend to play with. I had such a nice break. Bailee and her slept in Bailee's room together. Bailee thought that was pretty cool. She got to see Bailee's preschool and where she goes to gymnastics, we went to bible study, church, and she got to meet most of my friends here. We had an amazing time. We did a little bit of shopping because that's what we do together. Greg loved having her here too because he didn't have to do a thing but watch football. No helping with Bailee, cooking, or cleaning. LUCKY GUY!!! Now she is gone and life is back to normal. I have to get my butt up and clean, cook and do laundry. hopefully, we can spend Christmas together. THANKS MOM for coming and seeing our world and all your help!

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  1. Hey Bara! For some reason my blog is not saying when you are updating! I have missed so many posts. It looks like you had so much fun with your Mom, and the past posts of Bailee are adorable. She looked so cute on Halloween! I'm glad that you guys are doing so well, we will be in Idaho for Christmas, next time you come this way we need to get together!