Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counting my many blessings!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This year has gone by so fast I can't even believe it. We will be having our first Thanksgiving away from our wonderful family this year but good thing we have lots of great friends to be with. I need to remind myself all the things that I am truly Thankful for because its so easy to forget.

I am Thankful for......
My loving Heavenly Father, who loves me unconditionally.
My Wonderful Family, including my in-laws and nieces and nephews, brothers, and Grandparents.
My Handsome Husband, who makes me proud to be his wife everyday, Greg has a huge heart, I love watching him with his little girl, He is a hard worker and good provider.
My Sweet Little Bailee, She makes me laugh and smile everyday, She teaches me patients, what love is really all about, being a parent is truly one of gods biggest blessings.
My Awesome friends, who are always there for me, I can laugh with them, and share the joys and hardships that come with having a family. They all have something good to share in my life.
My Growing Belly, Being pregnant is an amazing process, and its truly a miracle that a baby can grow in your belly. Getting Big and chubby isn't to fun and its hard to accept but I just got to look at it in a positive way and know that a baby is in my belly and I can't wait to meet our new member of our family.
Having a roof and food for my family, when I stop and think of all the families out there who don't even have a place to live or even food to eat this holiday season it makes me think about how lucky I am just to have the simple things in life. I think we get caught up in all the material things in life. I know I do and god really needs to remind me sometimes that I am truly blessed to even have dinner on my table every day and warm clothes to wear. I thankful for so much and I glad I got to stop and think about all those things today.


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  1. Hello Sara, Yes I actually do know who you are! Greg and I did go to school and I was good friends with Kelly Haul in Williston. I worked at JC Penney and saw you a few times but just figured you'd have no clue who I was! We just barely moved back to Idaho when I found out I was pregnant! I couldn't be too far away from my family! And congrats on your second little one! Do you know if it's a boy or girl?