Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bailee and The Grinch

( I put my pictures in the wrong order)

Bailee after the Parade
Long day of dancing and fun

Boo Bear after the recital

back stage getting ready for the Grinch

Yup she is a STAR

This weekend Bailee had her first recital in the Grinch. It was an awesome program. Dance Fever put on a dance themed play of the Grinch. The little girls were just some of the little lou who's , who dance a small part in it. It was a lot of fun getting Bailee dressed up for it. Her costume was adorable. She wanted to be just like Cindy Lou Who, who was in the Grinch. Now she is obsessed with that Faith Hill Song "Where are you Christmas"... She could dance to it all day long because thats what Cindy Lou Who danced to. It was lots of fun watching her dance. She did lots better then I thought she would do. Those little ones know how to surpirse you. I had a proud mommy moment watching her and I think Greg did too. She was also in her first Parade. Williston has lots of fun things to do with kids even though its a small town. They have lots of Parades. So they had a parade here called Light up the park. Its a parade where they lit up floats and then they light up the park when its over. It was another fun night and I was glad the weather held up too. It was a good kick off to the Christmas Spirit!!!

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