Monday, March 1, 2010

the things 3 year olds say!!!!

This is a picture of Bailee when she comes out of her room
to go shopping. Greg told her to Say Vegas when we took
the picture because she looks like an old lady that would be in
Vegas or someplace for a vaction !!!

So I haven't posted for awhile but I just thought I would share a little bit of my Bailee boo. She has just been cracking me up lately the things she has been saying and been doing. Well here are some things that have come out of that girl. Greg and Bailee were coloring the other day together and Greg drew a picture of me and said Sara look at the picture I drew if you and Bailee quickly interrupts him and says " Dad Dad don't forget the zits" I was like what thanks a lot bailee but I couldn't help but laugh. My skin is not at its best right now with all these hormones and I complain about it lots. Another thing she said the one day was I was cleaning the house and I said Bailee I get so sick of cleaning sometimes and she says " I thought I told your husband to do it" that girl. This comment might sound a bit rude but I knew Bailee in no way meant it that way. Well we were at Wal-mart the other day and there was a little boy in a wheel chair following his mom and he was handicapped and was making different noises and so on and Bailee of course being a 3 year old was staring. I told her to keep following me and not to stare and told her that boys wheelchair is pretty cool. Well we got a ways down from the little boy and Bailee looks and me and says " Mom that boy is making a fool of himself" I did laugh I know it was mean but that's what her dad tells her when she is acting like a weirdo out in public. Thank goodness nobody heard her say this but me. After I had to explain to her that this boy was handicapped and can't walk or talk very good and it would hurt his feelings very much if she made fun of him and that's the way god made him. But wow she has been cracking me up lately you never know what she is going to say next.

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