Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone...I just had to write a post about my Valentines Day because it was kind of a crazy day. Greg and I kind of exchanged gifts Saturday the day before Valentines. Well let me tell you the story. First of all I don't know what it was but both of woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Saturday and we were both in a mood. I was just tired and so happy that Greg didn't have to work this Saturday and to me in my head I thought yeah he can help get a little bit of house work done this morning, not like a lot but maybe folding some clothes or unloading the dishwasher or making the beds stuff that men can do easily right . Well I guess Greg had other plans for himself. He thought he was going to hang out and rest and watch TV all day like last weekend. Well personally nothing makes me more mad then watching tv all day I think it is the biggest waste of time and spending time with your family is so much more important and hey that's what Sunday is for after church right.. Well I totally understand that, that's what he wants to do on a his day off because he works so hard all week. Well when I am 8 months prego I really need the extra help. Well anyways the story goes we got in a argument over all of this and it totally got blown out of the wind and Greg left with Bailee to Mcdonalds for a couple of hours to blow over some steam and I just sat here and thought to myself a little and did some chores. I wrote Greg a love note and told him how much I love him and all the mushy stuff. Well I went to do some shopping for a few hours, some time alone was Good for me. So anywho I got home and Greg had read my note and did all the laundry, clean up the house and unloaded and loaded this dishwasher and helped me unpack all the groceries. I was one a happy girl. After dinner Greg and I exchanged gifts, I didn't do much this year for Valentines I just got Greg a basket of all his favorite candy and some shaving stuff. I finally opened mine and I just started crying, happy and hormonal tears of course. He got me a gift certificate for a one hour massage and a one hour foot treatment. I was SOOOO HAPPY!!! especially after my long day at wal-mart and run arounds my feet and back were not feeling so great. SOOO everyone I have say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband so much. Even with out the gift I would have been happy with the laundry being folded or the dishes being done. Sometimes the little things say I love you more then anything else does. Tonight I plan on cooking a yummy dinner with candles and some sparkling cider, even Bailee gets to join. So the Joys of being married the qurrling and the making up its all worth it because you love each other and want to make each other happy...

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