Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st time at the dentist!!!

Well it was Bailee's first time at the dentist the other day. I thought she was old enough to go now and get used to the dentist. I work at a dental office as a fill in so when ever they need me to come in and help pretty much and teeth are very important to me and I know its good to start them out young. I got my teeth cleaned first while Bailee watched. The Hygienist was cleaning my teeth with some instruments that of course to a 3 year old looks pretty scary, but Bailee kept telling her not use those on her every time she picked up a new one, it was pretty funny. Well after I got mine all nice and pretty it was Bailee's turn. At first she was a little hesitant but the Hygienist there was very good with kids. She explained everything to Bailee so it was fun for her. Boo bear did really good she did way better then I thought she would do. She was in love with the HVE, other known spit sucker upper, or what I call it when little kids come in "the kisser". Well Boo loved the Kisser. She kept putting it her mouth over and over again. But She did amazing and her teeth were soo pretty and shiny!!!!! My lil boo is growing up.


  1. what a big day! first trip to the dentist... so are you an assistant? I'm going to school to be a hygienist. what office do you work at?

  2. I am a assistant and just work there when ever they need me. Thats cool your going to go to school to be a hygienist, its a great job with flexiable hours!!!!

  3. Good job Boo! I'm an assistant also. I had no idea you did it too! I love it and I've already had Natalie in, but sad to say she had to get some sugar bugs taken care of!