Thursday, January 21, 2010

Married 4 yrs today!!!

Greg and I when we were dating.. 2005

JAN 21 2006

Well Greg and I have been Married for 4 Wonderful years. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father to be with. When people say the first two years are the hardest I have to agree. The longer we are together the more we learn about each other, what battles to choose and the ones that are best to let go. Greg and I are both very stubborn so that was a big one to overcome. So far during these 4 years we have learned to work as a team. Greg can watch his football all Sunday as long as he folds clothes while doing it. I'll cook dinner if he helps clean up, We take turns putting Bailee to bed and reading her stories at night. Its all about team work haha. I take care of him and he takes care of me. Greg is such a hard work and great provider. He always trying to better himself. He loves me unconditionally, even when I am pregnant and hormonal right now and not to mention not as attractive as normal LOL.. He is an amazing father, I love watching him with Bailee and he has so much patients. I love when he makes Bailee laugh and he will go in her room and get on the floor and play dolls and all the other girlie stuff. I am looking forward to our next four years. I love being married and its even better when its your best friend.


  1. Congratulations Sara and Greg! I cannot believe you have already been married for 4 years, time is going by way too fast. You two are so cute together... good luck for the next 4!

  2. I love the idea of folding clothes while watching football on sunday! That's one of my biggest pet peeves when I want to have family time, but hey if laundry gets done which I hate doing then everybody wins! I'll have to make that a new rule! Haha we also do the I'll cook if Austin will clean up. That works great! Congratulations on 4 years!

  3. Congrats on your 4 years! That's so fun... But those quilts are seriously so easy to make, That is only my second time using a sewing machine in my entire life. So seriously if I could make that quilt anyone can! I can tell you how to make them if you want, they are super easy. I made that one in 3 days..