Saturday, January 9, 2010

28 week update

Well I am 28 weeks now and getting bigger everyday. This pregnancy has gone by so quickly and its been a pretty good one so far. The baby is getting stronger everyday. I love feeling her kick and move around. She is not as active and Bailee was but maybe thats a good thing. I am trying to enjoy the pregnancy because I know how fast it goes by even though I hate packing on those dreadful pounds. You girls out there who gain only 15 to 20lbs I envy you. I tend to pack on lots of extra weight, but I can't help but give into my Sugar craving of chocolate. The good thing is I crave salad like no other too so I guess it evens its self out RIGHT! We have been trying to get all we need for the baby. I know now I don't need as much as I thought I did with Bailee. I just need the basics really. I been doing lots of shopping since I have been in Boise. It has been lots of fun. I have 84 more days to go YEAH!!! I am excited and nervous for this little one to come. I am enjoying the days right now with just the three of us. I love just spending time with Bailee and I and its has been lots easier now that she is almost four. I can relax a little more these days, while she colors, paints, plays dolls, and puzzles. I don't like the extra baggage but I know that I have lots of work cut out for me so I am ok with the baby being in the belly for now. But I am sure by nine months I will be ready for her to come out and meet our new member of our family.


  1. You look so cute little Sara. I love you with a pregnant belly! I'm so happy for you! I wish we could have gotten together while we were both in Idaho, we will have to do better planning next time!

  2. You are SO cute pregnant!! I swear every is having a baby. I'm feeling a little left out! haha your hair is super cute to by the way!