Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Navy is learning to smile

Navy is learning how to smile its just the sweetest thing to watch her. She is growing like a weed and time is just flying by she is already a month old. I just don't want her to grow because before I know she will be throwing tantrums and talking back to me. oh how I love the newborn stage they are so sweet and smell so good. She is getting better at sleeping at night now. Only waking up about 3 times now and going back to sleep quickly afterwards. Sometimes I just think its probably just me getting used to being tired. Big sis Bailee loves her baby sister so much. She loves to help change diapers lately and hold her. She likes when Navy watches her do big girl things like brush her teeth and jump really high. We are just trying to enjoy every minute with her before she grows even more. ohhhh isn't she beautiful.

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