Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moms night out on the town.

Well every year a bunch of us mommas that we all see regularly need to break loose and have a moms night out. This year we went all out and got a limo for all of beautiful ladies. It was so nice to let loose with out the kids and actually get dressed up and wear heels and get a little crazy too. We started at a friends to have apptizers and then we went to this one casino/bar in Montana to start out with because there is no smoking in bars there so we decided to go check it out. Well we got kicked out because we were to noisy. LAMEOS, so we decided to head back into town to go dancing it was so much fun. Oh man it was a late night and I was soo very tired the next day but it was worh it. Its only once a year right. Mommas gotta have some fun too !!

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