Monday, May 24, 2010

My Bailee is 4

Little Bailee Boo turned 4 on Sunday. WOW where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday that I was rocking her in my arms. She is such an amazing girl and she makes me proud everyday. Bailee is so fun to be around always surprising me. She has such a big heart always caring for others. She is a big sister now and is very proud of her role in the family. Bailee loves pretending to me a mom like me, always telling me in my ear when we are in public that she is a mom too. Then telling me her kids are in day care and she has to go to work at the Hair Hut to do hair that she has 3 kids and her husband name is Greg. She loves make believe. Time goes by so fast with kids. People always tell you that but you have to see it for yourself before you can believe it. Looking forward to this stage in Bailee life each year is different and fun for both of us. Gregs parents came down to visit us this week and to be here for boos Birthday. Peggy and I tried making this cake we found on a website. We are defitnley not Cake decorators. We had a great time making the cake and laughing the whole time trying to make it look better. But in the end we were proud of our cake because it came out from the heart hehe.

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