Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is in the air

Pardon me with my lame blog lately. With two girls I barely have time to do dishes anymore.I don't have to much to blog about. I am loving fall my favorite time of the year. It reminds me of so many memories I have growing up, Going back to school, football games, being with friends again, having babies, being pregnant just the smell in the air brings it all back again. Navy is almost 6 months and is growing so fast it breaks my heart some days. If only she could stay little a bit longer. She is definitely a go get'er that for sure. She is already started to army crawl around and is so close to sitting up and she loves loves to sing. Bailee is starting to be such a big girl too lately. She started preschool again this fall and just loves it, witch makes me so happy because I love when she goes. She told me she has a boyfriend at pre school and his name is Devin. Well I was walking her to her class one day and I said so show me your boyfriend and she points to the boy and says " mom the one in the camo" haha It was so cute. She said Mom just don't tell dad ok he will be sad. Well we both told him and we told him he wears camo and he wasn't to upset after that. We have been traveling alot lately going to Idaho for weddings and we have another one this October. Greg is busy getting ready for the winter and he is starting to hunt and I can't wait for him to catch me some yummy meat to eat. I will try to be better with my post I promise!

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