Monday, April 18, 2011

Navy is 1

Navy Bean is a toddler now.....But she is still my baby.. I just love watching her learn so much everday...I love this age, they do something new all the time. Navy loves Men for some reason, she wants nothing to do with women but her momma I might add, every time she sees a man she puts her arms out for them its so funny and she is so content when they hold her. She can say momma so far and sometimes in great while she will say da da too. Oh my little bean I just love you and so does the rest of your family, you bring so much joy into our lives... Just don't grow to fast.

Navy Brooklyn is 1 year old. YES I said it 1 year old. I can't even Believe it was a year ago that my 2nd baby girl was born. It was March 30th early in the morning I went in to have c-section so anxious to meet this baby that has been growing in my belly for 9 months. It just the best feeling when you hear the cry of your new baby. I wish I could feel that every day. God is soo good. He blessed us with a Beautiful healthy baby girl. Life hasn;t been the same since. Bailee got to be a big sister and she is a GREAT one too. Navy is just the sweetest baby girl she always keeps us on our toes. My mom came and helped me with her for two weeks and we kept marveling about how she was such a good baby. Slept all the time, never cried. Well We didn't know what we were talking about haha. Navy had colic for the first 6 months, she never slept and heck she still don't but I guess I am just used to it now. Well we don't even know if she had colic I just think she is very impatient and is very determined to get what she wants. She definitely has a personality though. She loves to laugh and to play with her big sister, she was so much happier when she learned to crawl, this way she found lots of things to keep her busy. She crawled at 6 months and hasn't stopped moving since then. She is now walking and decided to just get up and go on her Birthday out of all days. She really just took off and hasn't crawled and is almost running now ha ha. She loves to be chased its her favorite game. She also loves to climb into anything she can and climb onto anything too. Her favorite the dishwasher. Navy also has a fetish for vacuum's, don't ask me why but when I get that thing out she goes crazy for it. She chases it and squeals, so funny. WOW its been a crazy year and I feel so blessed to have Navy bean in our lives.

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